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My Love/Distaste Affair with Wheatgrass. I am in Love. Again.

If you were able to get inside of my head, you would quickly realize that I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure what I should be eating and what supplements I should be taking.

(For those people who have seen my kitchen cabinets, they know that I take A LOT of supplements and the reason I don’t take more is strictly because of financial reasons.)

When it comes to food, I am constantly researching, learning and talking to people in order to educate myself the best that I can.

Questions that always pop up include:

– Am I juicing enough?

– Am I eating enough greens?

– Am I eating enough of the different colors of food (yellow peppers, red peppers, etc)?

– Am I eating too much cooked food?

– Should I be eating more raw?

– Am I eating too much of one thing?

– Is my diet too acidic and not alkaline enough?

– When am I going to start my 4-day juice cleanse that I have been putting off for so long?

I don’t think that all of the questions are to my detriment because I am not driving myself crazy over it. Well, at least I don’t think I am.

My belief is that I am coming at it from more of a curiosity or betterment perspective. I just want to be improving what I eat all of the time. Furthermore, health is a major passion and interest of mine.

With the plethora of superfoods out there, the one food that I always come back to is wheatgrass. For a long time, wheatgrass was not part of my daily repertoire but it has officially returned. Wheatgrass is back and I have fallen hard.

My relationship with wheatgrass is a love/distaste one. I would never say love/hate because I absolutely don’t hate wheatgrass.

I love the incredible health benefits of wheatgrass (blood purifier, neutralizes toxins, high alkalinity, rich in chlorophyll, stimulates the metabolism, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and the list goes on and on…) but the taste is not easy on the palette. I know many people who absolutely refuse to drink it because it is so hard to get down.

For me, I don’t have trouble with it but I don’t exactly enjoy it either. It has a very sharp taste and is bitter.

However, maybe wheatgrass is something that my body will start to crave one day.

When I first starting drinking green juice, I didn’t really enjoy it but now there are times when I absolutely crave green juice. My body is screaming for it.

Maybe the same thing will happen with wheatgrass.

My New Daily Routine

One of the advantages of the Green Star juicer that I bought several years ago is that it juices wheatgrass. Not all juicers do.

Last weekend at the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC, I bought a tray of organic wheatgrass. Cutting and juicing wheatgrass directly from a tray would retain more of the enzymes than juicing from a pre-cut bag of wheatgrass (below).

However, I didn’t water the tray enough and a little bit of mold started to develop at the bottom of the tray. I decided that buying bags of organic wheatgrass was a more realistic option for me.

So, I have been getting up in the morning and juicing 5-6 ounces. I keep it in my mouth for approximately 30 seconds before swallowing, so that it will interact with as much of my saliva (digestive enzymes) as possible.


My (love) affair with wheatgrass is officially back and I am going to commit to drinking it everyday for the next month.

In just the few days that I’ve been doing wheatgrass, I have felt a real increase in my energy level. I’ll keep you posted as to the other benefits of wheatgrass that I notice.

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