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Win a Free Trip to Costa Rica With Whole Foods

Ever since Living Maxwell launched over three years ago, I have been privileged to meet a lot of interesting people and to do a lot of cool things.

If I had to pick the most memorable experience over this time period, however, it would be the trip that I took with Whole Foods to Costa Rica in March of 2012.

Here’s the good news: Whole Foods is running a contest and two winners (two people each) will be able to go on this exact same trip for FREE!  (See the bottom of the post for more contest details.)

Last year, Whole Foods invited me and several shoppers to spend time at a place called EARTH University and to also get acquainted with the work that Whole Planet Foundation was doing in Costa Rica.

Rather than telling you about what took place, I can show you via these videoblogs below that I shot during my stay in Costa Rica.

Needless to say, I was incredibly touched by what I saw down there. EARTH University is truly transforming the lives of many impoverished youths from Latin American and Africa, and Whole Planet Foundation is playing a critical role in helping to improve the livelihood of female entrepreneurs in Costa Rica and in countries around the world.

Whole Foods, a very important partner and supporter of EARTH University, sells the school’s bananas in its stores (which are amazing!) and donates a certain percentage of the sales back to the EARTH University.

I know what kind of impact this week had on my life, and if going on a trip like this is of interest to you, you’re in luck because they are offering it again.

Today through April 30th, you can go to http://wholefoodsmarket.com/triptoearth and enter to win. All of the contest details are on the Whole Foods website.

I hope you get to go on this trip of a lifetime!! And if you do win, I will also feature you on my Facebook page.

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