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How Did I Celebrate Food Day? I Watched the Fantastic “What’s on Your Plate?” Documentary in NYC

For those who don’t know, yesterday was Food Day.

Yes, Earth Day but for food — Food Day.

As I wrote about the other day, Food Day hasn’t been around for three decades but this year made a huge comeback. Given the renewed interest in the importance of our food supply, my guess is that Food Day will become an annual event and is here to stay.

Food Day had over 1,800 events scheduled around the country, and last night I went to go see a screening of the documentary What’s on Your Plate? in Manhattan’s East Village.

What’s on Your Plate? follows two multi-racial, 11 year-old girls in New York City as they explore all aspects of the food system including:

– Where food comes from
– How far food travels
– How food is prepared
– The farming and manufacturing process

The girls also visit farmers’ markets, investigate Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs), speak with industry experts, travel to farms in upstate New York, and interview New York City Department of Education officials who oversee lunch programs for schoolchildren.


This was a fantastic food documentary and targeted a very important segment of the population – kids.

We must get kids educated as to what is going on with the food supply, so they can get involved at a very early age. There is too much at stake here to let them wait until they are adults before they understand the importance of consuming pure and healthy food.

Overall, the movie was incredibly well-done and is a phenomenal teaching tool. What’s on Your Plate? should be required viewing for kids of all ages.

What’s on Your Plate? has select screenings nationwide and can be purchased online.


What needs to be done next is a similar film (geared towards and told by young children) but one that tackles GMOs and mandatory labeling.

GMOs are a huge threat to our health, and kids also need to be educated about this topic before it is too late.

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