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USDA Announces Organic Check-Off Program — and I am For It

(Promotional video funded by the Beef Checkoff Board. We need something similar for organic.)

A few days ago, the USDA officially announced a proposed Organic Check-Off program, something that we have been hearing about for several years already.

Other industries have used a check-off program in the past, such as milk, beef, and pork, primarily to conduct national advertising campaigns and to fund research activities. Since 1966, Congress has authorized the establishment of 22 of these programs within the agricultural industry.

For organic, however, this is brand new terrain.

Yet, as with almost anything in organic, there are groups for the Organic Check-Off program and those that are against it.

To learn the pros and cons of the Organic Check-Off program and to see why I am for this initiative, click HERE to become an Organic Insider.

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