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What I Ate in Los Angeles on Monday


Three organic bananas (two in the picture, one had already been eaten). To be honest, it wasn’t enough. I thought I would wake up and immediately go get some fresh juice but that didn’t happen.


Prior to my lunch, I went for some organic juice therapy. First, I started off with a double shot of E3 Live at Beverly Hills Juice.

Then, I did a pressed organic mixed green juice (celery, spinach, romaine, kale, parsley).

The green juice was so good that I had to do another. So, I tried an organic mixed vegetable juice (carrot, beet, celery, spinach, parsley).


I went to a raw food restaurant in Hollywood called Lifefood Organic — all raw and vegan. First, I had the Chili with Cashew Cream.

Then, I had the sushi.

I ended the meal with the Tiramisu. Everything was very, very good.


For dinner, I went to the recently opened Cafe Gratitude in Hollywood. This will be a separate blog post coming next.

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