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Wellness Tonics D-Tox — This is the Future of Food

One of the things that I love to do when traveling is to stop by local organic supermarkets because each part of the country has a slightly different product mix.

While the well-known products can be found coast to coast, there are many regional organic brands that do not yet have national distribution and are only available close to where they are produced.

And there may be nothing more that I enjoy doing than discovering organic products, both new and established, that I have never seen before.

When visiting San Francisco this past week, I came across several interesting products (thanks Stephanie!) and one that I wanted to talk about today was a drink called Wellness Tonics D-Tox.

I discovered it in the Whole Foods – South of Market location, and the packaging and ingredient list immediately grabbed my attention.

On the outside it says “digestive enzymes”. I take digestive enzymes (capsules) but never knew they came in a beverage form.

Additionally, I have yet to see a compilation of the following foods/herbs in one organic drink before. The full ingredient list and benefits include:

– alkaline water (water with antioxidant properties)
– organic young coconut water (provides electrolytes)
– organic agave nectar
– organic rooibos (tea with serious healing and antioxidant properties)
– organic astragalus (David Wolfe believes that this is an important herb for longevity.)
– organic lemon (antibacterial properties)
– organic burdock root (see my post on the benefits of burdock)
– organic yucca (contains reservatrol – antioxidant properties)
– organic non-dairy probiotics (aids in digestion)
– ionic minerals (supports immune system and energy levels)

I would say that the taste is a mix between kombucha, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drink, and unsweetened tea.

Wellness Tonics is demonstrating that they are ahead of the curve here. Why?

Because the future is food that has real medicinal properties.

Food can’t just be about filling our stomachs. It has to be about what is going to nourish us, heal us, and keep us healthy and strong. Wellness Tonics understands this completely.

In terms of its ingredients, this by far the most impressive list that I have ever seen in an organic beverage before, and that is why I would definitely buy this product again. Love the innovation!

Wellness Tonics has four different flavors and its drinks are sold in supermarkets throughout California. Wellness Tonics can also be ordered online by the case.

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