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Vigilant Eats Goji-Cacao Superfood Cereal – An Awesome Organic Product

I spend more time than you can imagine thinking about product design, from both a packaging and ingredient standpoint.

With budgets always tight for start-up companies, I am so impressed when a young organic brand has such smart and sophisticated packaging. I am equally, if not more, appreciative when the ingredient mix is so intelligently done that it results in a healthy and superior tasting product.

Vigilant Eats Goji-Cacao Superfood Cereal completely nails it on both fronts. Big time.


Several things I love about Vigilant Eats Goji-Cacao Superfood Cereal.

– It includes two fantastic superfoods, goji berries and cacao nibs, and also an infrequently used ingredient, hemp flour.
– Palm sugar, a favorite of mine, is the primary sweetener.
– The oats are gluten-free.
– There is a phenomenal balance between heartiness and sweetness. Normally, a product leans one way or the other – too sweet or too hearty (dry) – but not here.

The full list of ingredients is: gluten-free rolled organic oats, gluten-free oat flour, organic coconut palm sugar, organic goji berries*, organic cacao nibs*, organic maple syrup powder, organic hemp flour, organic yacon, organic cinnamon. * Raw

The product is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO certified.


Vigilant Oats has the best packaging of any organic food product that I have ever seen. Period.


The light orange color is soothing, the graphics are cleverly done, and the size of the container is perfect.

On the label we are given the antioxidant ORAC scores for the goji berries and cacao nibs, and the (low) Glycemic Index scores of the palm sugar, yacon, goji berries and maple syrup powder. I don’t remember ever seeing both of these pieces of information before on a product – awesome.

Don’t have a spoon to eat it?

No problem. Inside, there is a tiny, foldable one that works perfectly.


For me, what truly makes this product stand apart is its messaging.

The tag line is DELICIOUS / JUSTICE. This means that the product represents great taste and is produced in a socially and environmentally conscious manner.

On the top of the container, there are three phrases that say the following:

Uphold our right to non-GMOs!

Promote strict standards for organic certification!

Defend our right to natural healing!

Furthermore, a percentage of all proceeds is donated to organizations that “uphold your right to consume unadulterated, nutrient rich foods.”

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I am very politically active and have strong opinions, when it comes to justice and organic food. I have marched in rallies across the country demanding that GMOs be labeled and provide continuous commentary and coverage about what it is going on in Washington D.C. with respect to organic regulations, genetically-modified food, and toxic chemicals in our food and water supply.

So, any organic brand that delivers such a delicious product and overtly promotes justice is one that I will get behind 100%.

I absolutely love Vigilant Eats Goji-Cacao Superfood Cereal, and the people behind this company just plain “get it”. Awesome, awesome work!!!

Vigilant Eats Goji-Cacao Superfood Cereal is available for purchase online and at retail locations nationwide.

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