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My Trip to Miami and Costa Rica: What I’ll Be Eating and Traveling With

Today I leave for a 10-day trip to Miami and then to Costa Rica, where I will be reporting on an amazing non-profit in that country. (Stay tuned for posts and videos.)

When I told many of my friends that I would be traveling out of the country, the question “What are you going to eat?” was the first thing that immediately popped out of their mouths.

They know how committed to organic I am, and they were perplexed about how I would survive without my local organic markets and restaurants.

Below is my travel schedule, what my eating plans are, and what my concerns are.


Not a big deal at all. It is only a three hour flight, and I’ll make sure that I’ll bring organic fruit and crackers. I also bought a bag of Sol Simple’s organic sun dried bananas that I am going to take with me.

As soon as I land, I’ll probably go to Whole Foods for dinner.


Again, not a concern. I lived in Miami for three years and ate organic there without a problem.

When in Miami, I will definitely be going to LifeFood Gourmet and the market on Saturday in Coconut Grove hosted by Glaser Organic Farms, my absolute favorite farmers market in the country. Blog posts will definitely be coming about these two stops.

Plus, there is a new organic restaurant in Coral Gables that I want to check out.


Similar to what I did for my flight to Miami, I’ll be stocking up on organic fruit, flax crackers, nuts, and energy bars. I’ll make sure that I have juiced and eaten well the day of the flight.


Costa Rica is a very tropical country, the fruit is incredibly fresh, and I know people who move there because the land is so preserved and the soil so pure.

Let’s not forget that the U.S. uses more GMOs and more pesticides than anyone. So, when we leave the country, we are already at an advantage.

The people that I am traveling with are all concerned about what they eat as well, and I am sure that while the food we are going to eat may not all be certified organic, it will probably be very “clean”.

At the end of the day, I am going to eat the best that I can and not worry about it. After all, I will be in a foreign country and am not packing/sending in advance each meal for the entire week.

That being said, I will pack chia seedspalm sugar, coconut oil, and goji berries. Therefore, all I would need is bottled water to have a nutritious breakfast wherever I am at.


This is the only part of the entire trip that causes me slight concern.

I’ll do my best to buy as much good food in advance down there and I will make sure to have saved some chia seeds and goji berries for the flight.

Yet, I have a few hour layover in the Miami airport and I know what the food is like there – not so great. Hopefully, there are some new organic options that I don’t know about.

This day may not be so easy, in terms of food. We’ll see, but I will prepare the best that I can.


Overall, I am super-excited for Miami and Costa Rica and look forward to sharing with you what I find in both places.

Plus, I could definitely use the Vitamin D as I have gotten very little sun exposure in New York City this winter.

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