• Peter Magurean III says:

    Dear Sir:

    Please, can you kindly comment about certified organically-grown fruits and vegetables from Mexico. Are they in favor in U.S.?

    I am an U.S. citizen exporting seafood from Yucatán to U.S. and Canada and Europe.

    Any thoughts about the Yucatán exporting organic products, please? We have direct air and sea to Florida, Texas and New York and Canada, plus refrigerated sea shipment capabilities.

    Thank you,

    Peter Magurean III

  • Dear Max, it is an excellent programme,which was missing all these years & its absence making it difficult for farmers to convert into Organic. There is one more extremely important thing to do is that all the organic outlets be forbidden to keep so called ‘Natural’ products. This ‘Natural’ brand has no authentication or certification,this is purely to fill the shop & make fool out of the customers because of price differences. The outcome shall be surprisingly very encouraging for the overall propagation of organic farming & business. At the moment it is 30:70, Organic & Natural respectively. Sales of ‘Natural’ brand is a great hindrance for the propagation of Organic concept.

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