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livingmaxwell Named as One of the Top 10 Organic Food Websites

The other day I got an email saying that livingmaxwell had just been named as one of the Top 10 Websites for Organic Foodies by Chef2Chef, a portal for all things related to culinary school.

I very much appreciate being included in such a list for one simple reason. The more people who know about my site, the more opportunity I will have to spread the word about the importance of organic food.

It’s always really cool when I get an email, a Tweet, or a phone call from someone telling me that because of livingmaxwell, they are now buying more or entirely organic. And that they have stopped buying genetically-modified food or food that contains artificial growth hormones.

I know that organic food is the healthiest food for our bodies and our planet, but there are many people out there who just haven’t gotten the message yet. My mission is to make sure they do get it.

Thanks so much for reading what I have to say here and for continuing to support organic food.

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livingmaxwell: a guide to organic food & drink