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Why “The Unhealthy Truth” by Robyn O’Brien Needs to be Read by Every Single Parent

If you are a parent or you know someone who is parent, The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply — and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself by Robyn O’Brien is a book that should be required reading.

As a Wall Street research analyst and mother of 4, Robyn O’Brien was a very unlikely candidate to become one of the country’s leading food safety advocates. But all of that changed when her youngest daughter had a severe violent reaction to the eggs that she had eaten.

From that day forward, Robyn O’Brien took it upon herself to learn about what was truly going on with our food. Needless to say, what she discovered was very, very unsettling.

After reading The Unhealthy Truth, one can’t help but to think that the USDA and FDA are simply not protecting the health of American citizens. Instead, the agencies bow to the pressure of the industrial food companies and put corporate profits ahead of health.

Here is one perfect example from the book.

Robyn O’Brien talks about tartrazine, a synthetic food coloring additive that is now banned in Europe.

Tartatrazine had received tremendous negative publicity in England because researchers discovered that it affected children’s sleep, mood and behavior.

Even though it wasn’t banned in England (at the writing of the book), the U.K. divisions of Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and Mars quickly and voluntarily removed artificial colors, the preservative sodium benzoate and aspartame from all of their products.

These companies knew that parents were very aware of the dangers of the artificial food additives in England and wanted to take preemptive steps so as not to get in trouble with regulators in the U.K.

What did Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola and Mars do in the U.S.? Nothing.

And the USDA and FDA didn’t do anything either.

The book talks in detail about genetically-modified food, growth hormones in milk, and a host of other problems with our food supply — all things that parents need to be very aware of.

The Unhealthy Truth ends with very constructive steps on how parents can transition to eating healthier foods and the questions that they should always be asking themselves.

For anyone who wants to know the truth about our food system, this book is an absolute MUST-READ.

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