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The Suja Juice Solution is a Proven Winner

Before she became the one of the country’s most successful juice entrepreneurs, Annie Lawless, co-founder of Suja Juice, suffered from awful eczema, allergies, chronic ear infections, asthma and Celiac disease during her teenage years.

Not surprisingly, all of the steroid creams, inhalers, and antihistamines that doctors gave her never provided much help.

So, Annie decided to take matters into her own hands and set out to completely revamp her entire lifestyle. Along with eliminating gluten and dairy from her diet, she became very serious about juicing, which provided her the nutrition that she was severely lacking.

This new approach to food resulted in clear skin, an improved mood, and more energy than she ever had before. And most importantly, all of her health problems disappeared.

The basis of Annie’s turnaround serves as the foundation for her fantastic new book The Suja Juice Solution: 7 Days to Lose Fat, Beat Cravings, and Boost Your Energy. It is incredibly approachable, has a ton of great recipes and beautiful photography, and provides an easy-to-use framework for anyone to dramatically improve their physical and emotional well-being. 

Plus, we know that it works. After all, Annie is living proof.

I recently caught up with my good friend to learn more about The Suja Juice Solution.

How is the approach of the Suja Juice Solution different than the other juicing or health books on the market?

The Suja Juice Solution is a lifestyle guide that gives you the tools you need to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle you can stick with forever. This program teaches people HOW to eat correctly versus how NOT to eat for some set period of time.

So many juicing and health books focus on “cleansing”, “fasting”, or touting juice as a miracle that will instantly flush toxins from the body. Juice is not magic and we don’t want to make false promises that juice will “cure” all — because it won’t.

Since we can’t rely on juice for all of our nutritional needs for a long term basis, this book incorporates 3 delicious whole food meals in conjunction with 3 juices each day to show that juice can be used in a sustainable and non-depriving way to help support a lasting balanced diet.

Plant-based diets are very popular these days. Yet, this book is decidedly not a 100% plant-based book.  What is your nutritional philosophy?

My nutritional philosophy is very simple: feed your body what it needs to function optimally and feel its best. This is different for everyone!

I don’t want people to feel they must follow a rigid raw, vegan or vegetarian diet to “cleanse”. I want health to be accessible to everyone, no matter where you’re starting from and no matter what diet you choose to follow.

The book includes many raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and grain-free meals, so it’s really possible for anyone with any style of eating to follow this plan. I love plant-based eating and incorporate greens into most of my meals, but I am not vegan or vegetarian.

One of my favorite chapters in the book is The Suja Lifestyle. What’s the connection between emotional and physical health, and how does our mindset impact our well-being?

Oh, Max – this was my favorite chapter to write! The connection between emotional and physical health is very, very strong.

When we are happy, inspired, and connected, we are so much more aware of our bodies, how they feel, and the choices we’re making. When we are depressed, suppressed, disconnected, and empty, we don’t value ourselves and our physical beings very highly, and we lose our awareness of our choices and how they impact our lives.

When we examine our lives from a full picture view, we can really see WHY we make some of the bad choices we do and focus on repairing the cause versus trying to find a quick-fix that won’t be a long term solution.

You have made a dramatic turnaround in your life, largely thanks to juicing.  For people who haven’t juiced before, what kind of insight can you share with them?

Juicing helped heal my digestive tract by allowing me to absorb nutrients again after damaging the microvilli in my intestines from years of gluten consumption without knowing I was intolerant.

What juice will do is be an amazing tool in the shift to a healthier lifestyle. Juice is used in the Suja Juice Solution as a catalyst to making better choices, flooding your body with easily assimilable nutrients it so desperately needs and cutting cravings by hydrating and satiating you.


Co-written by Jeff Church, the CEO and co-founder of Suja, The Suja Juice Solution really succeeds for a few primary reasons.

For many people, juicing is a very intimidating and overwhelming endeavor. There are constant questions such what a person should juice, how much they should juice, and how they should incorporate juicing into their overall lives. The book addresses all of these issues in a very easy-to-understand manner and provides the proper framework for people to start juicing correctly.

What I also love about the book is that while it emphasizes juicing, it also places great importance on eating whole foods – an essential component of long-term, sustainable health.

Just like everything else this company does, I am a big fan of The Suja Juice Solution.

To purchase the book, click HERE.

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