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Temple Turmeric Founder Daniel Sullivan discusses the New Company Name, Healing Power of the Turmeric Plant

Recently, I caught up with my good friend Daniel Sullivan, the founder of newly re-branded Temple Turmeric, and we touched on a wide variety of subjects — why his company decided to change its name, what this new name signifies, the power of turmeric, and why his turmeric drink is the best one on the market.

As you may know, Temple Turmeric was formerly known as TumericALIVE but the company decided to re-brand itself after the arrival of marketing whiz Greg Fleishman, who joined the company as Chief Operating Officer.

I believe the new name change is a very smart one. Seeing the words Temple Turmeric on the bottle completely elevates the drinking experience and pushes consumers to not only start thinking about what they are putting into their bodies but to reflect on what their bodies really are.

This re-brand and the bolstering of the management team with Greg Fleishman – someone that is an incredibly sought-after marketing talent in the organic industry – have Temple Turmeric really well positioned for rapid expansion and market penetration. And with one of the most passionate founders that I have ever come across, the future of the company looks remarkably bright.

What do you think of the new name, Temple Turmeric? I’d love to hear your feedback below!

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