Organic Tatsoi – This is a New One for Me

When I was in my local organic market the other day browsing in the produce section, I came across a green that I had never seen before – tatsoi.

It had the most beautiful green color, rich and deep, and its leaves were full-bodied and spoon-shaped. Trying to get a good picture of tatsoi was not that easy because the vegetable was a little unruly.

While it is in the mustard family, this Chinese green was not bitter or sharp at all. In fact, it was very, very different than I thought it would taste.

When I put it in my juice this morning, along with celery and radishes, I expected some harshness. Yet, the tatsoi was smooth and creamy, and just might be the most pleasant green I have tasted in a long time.

If organic tatsoi continues to be available in my local market, I will definitely continue to buy it. But not just for my juices. I will make salads with it as well.

This organic tatsoi was a great find and will add much needed variety to the other greens — kale, dandelion, collards — that I eat frequently.

I strongly suggest that you give tatsoi a try, if it is available where you live or if you haven’t had it already.


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