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This Weekend’s Brunch at Sun in Bloom

This past weekend, my father and I headed out to Brooklyn to have brunch at Sun in Bloom.

Sun in Bloom serves fantastic organic, vegan food and if you’re ever in NYC, definitely go check this place out. The food is fresh, light and incredibly delicious.

Here is what we ate yesterday.


This was my main dish of the brunch and the inventiveness really blew me away. Why?

Who has ever had a burrito with quinoa before? Not me, but it certainly makes a lot of sense.

The burrito was much more filling and hearty than I expected and had a complex flavor profile.

It was was made of poblano peppers, quinoa with currents, adzuki beans and roasted portobello mushrooms, and served in a sprouted wheat tortilla. The burrito came with a house-made raw cilantro cream and roasted parsnips on the side.


These pancakes are some of my absolute favorites and oftentimes is the sole reason that I make the trek out to Brooklyn.

They are made from a gluten-free, non-white flour base (garbanzo, rice and sorghum), carmelized maple apples, and germinated spiced walnuts. It came with maple syrup on the side.


This may be one of the most unusual tasting foods I have had in a long, long time. It is not real bacon (pork) but is shiitake mushrooms that taste exactly like bacon.

The mushrooms are roasted and contain a drizzle of olive oil and spices. When they are in your mouth, you would absolutely swear that you’re eating real bacon.

And it’s not just me saying this.

Owner Aimee Follette tells me that bacon lovers come in every weekend just for this one side dish and are in awe of how authentic it tastes. I am too.

Another fantastic meal at Sun in Bloom. Without question, I will be going back and very much look forward to my next visit.

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