Suja Rolls Out a Fantastic Line of Bottled Teas


If you think that Suja, which was recently named by Forbes as the #3 Most Promising Company in the U.S., is content to just sit on its hands and enjoy its current success, think again.

In a bold and very savvy move, the company has made a departure from its pressed juices and smoothies to launch four HPP (high pressure processing) bottled teas including:

Honeybush Peach – a blend of honeybush and tulsi teas with peach and honey.

Chunmee Tropical – Chunmee green tea, pineapple, mango, lime, and coconut palm sugar.

Jasmine Pomegranate – jasmine tea, lemon, pomegranate, tamarind and honey.

Unsweetened Biodynamic Black  a blend of nilgiri, darjeeling and assam teas.

These certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified teas are an extension of the existing Suja Elements line, which is sold nationwide only at Whole Foods Market.

As I wrote about last October, the most inspiring part of this line is that for every single bottle sold of Suja Elements, the company will donate $.20 to a different non-profit, all part of the Suja Elements Cause Collective.


I love what Suja has done with these teas for a few primary reasons.

1) The Taste  The flavor profile of all of the teas is excellent. It is obvious that a lot of care and thought went into each recipe.

2) Range of Sweetness  If there are times when I want something unsweetened, I can get the Unsweetened Biodynamic Black. If I want something slightly sweet, I can opt for one of the other three. I appreciate the fact that there is variety.

3) Biodynamic  This is the very first Demeter-certified biodynamic, ready-to-drink bottled tea that I have ever seen or that has ever been sold at Whole Foods Market.

Biodynamic is a growing system that treats plants, soil, and animals all as one. In my opinion, biodynamic food is the absolute best that you can find and is often called “beyond organic”.

4) Suja Elements Cause Collective It is very cool to know that every time I buy a bottle of Suja Elements, $.20 is going to a different non-profit.

Also, with a broader product range, this should help Suja get to its goal of contributing $1M annually to various organizations doing some really important work.

Overall, I am a big fan of this Suja Elements tea line, and my personal favorites are the Unsweetened Biodynamic Black and Jasmine Pomegranate.

The Suja Elements teas retail for $3.99 and can only be purchased at Whole Foods Market.

To receive a $1 coupon, click HERE.


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  • Mia says:

    I love Suja’s cold-pressed juices (though they’re pretty expensive so I buy them rarely), and I’m glad to see they’ve come out with a line of teas, as well. Since these are cheaper maybe I’ll get these instead of the juices when my budget is lower.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Mia, Definitely give the teas a try and also make sure you use the coupon for $1 off any Suja Elements drink. There is a link to the coupon in my post above.

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