Rawtella – A Great Organic Chocolate Spread

Bottles of Rawtella have been staring me in the face for months already. I see them all of over NYC but never took the plunge to try it until the other day.

Normally, I am incredibly curious about any new organic product, especially one that has chocolate in it and is raw. However, it must have been the product’s association with Nutella that gave me real pause.

Yes, I may be one of the few people in the country who hasn’t tried Nutella. Aside from the fact that it is not organic, Nutella doesn’t appeal to me in the least.

If I want chocolate, I am going to eat an organic chocolate bar, buy organic chocolate ice cream or put raw cacao into a smoothie in the morning.

Clearly, I am in the minority here with never having tasted Nutella.

My good friend Luis single-handedly attributes half of his weight-gain to Nutella. He is obsessed with Nutella and will eat an entire jar of it with nothing but a spoon.


First off, I love the fact that Rawtella uses coconut palm sugar as its sweetener – my absolute favorite sweetener these days.  Not only is palm sugar low-glycemic and sustainable but it has a mild, and not overpowering, sweetness to it.

Secondly, the texture of Rawtella is smooth and creamy. You can easily spread it on a cracker or a crepe.

Lastly, it is rich and the flavor profile is excellent. The combination of coffee, cacao nibs and hazelnut really, really works.

For some inexplicable reason, I only needed a small amount of it and I had my chocolate fix.

This is not the case at all when I buy a raw chocolate bar. I devour the whole bar within seconds.

With Rawtella, a few bites was all it took to satiate me.

If you love Nutella and if you’re looking for an organic, raw version of it, definitely give Rawtella a try.

I was very impressed and am now much my open to eating a chocolate spread than I ever had been before. I can definitely see myself using it on a banana.


Rawtella comes in five flavors (original, silk, mint, crunch, coffee) and is available at locations nationwide and online.



  • iffat says:

    Since I am also tone of those health nut who never tried Nutella but kept hearing about it, I am so happy to hear that there is a substitute for it, that I can finally try. Although, I don’t like coffee a bit, and I wonder if I would be able to actually eat it.
    Thanks for sharing it Max.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Iffat,

      I’m not surprised you haven’t had Nutella either!! You and your family are so dedicated to health. You’re truly a role model.

      Rawtella has other flavors besides coffee. Maybe you should try the mint one.

      See you soon in LA!

      Live well,

  • Food Babe says:

    I seriously can’t believe you’ve never tried Nutella… I once met someone like you and I immediately bought her the organic version…This looks incredible – I love the coconut palm sugar too! It’s my favorite these days – along with good ol’ dates, prunes and bananas pureed together with coconut oil as a base to cookies and cakes..

    Oh… great …now I have a craving for Nutella. Thanks Max! LOL.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      It is the truth Vani!! No lie!!

      Yes, I’m a huge fan of palm sugar as well. I am just so over the whole agave thing. Have a great weekend!

      Live well,

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