Two of My Favorite Emerging Beverage Brands – Rawpothecary and LuliTonix

Unless you live in the New York area and are immersed in the health and wellness world, there is a decent chance that you’ve never heard of Rawpothecary or LuliTonix.

But that won’t be the case for long, as I expect both of these brands to become very recognizable, national players within a matter of time.

Having closely watched Rawpothecary and LuliTonix over the past year, I not only love what they’re putting on the shelves, but the women behind each of these NYC-based companies are two of the hardest-working entrepreneurs I’ve come across.



A few years ago, founder Stephanie Walczak had a close friend that was poisoned so badly from pesticides that he was literally on his death bed.  With conventional medicine completely failing him and few alternatives left, Stephanie, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Natural Gourmet Institute, got into the kitchen and worked her magic with the Vitamix, making sure he got fed super-nutritious blended drinks.

Fast forward a few weeks later and he was completely healed, all because of her green concoctions.  Not only did she help fast-track his recovery, but this event spurred her to take Rawpothecary to the masses.

Rawpothecary launched with just blended greens but has since expanded into pressed juice and seed milks as well. What this has resulted in is arguably the smartest product portfolio of any beverage company in the country, which is even more impressive for a company so young. All of its gluten-free, nut-free drinks provide complete nutrition and offer something for everyone, at all times of the day.

I find the company’s pumpkin seed and sunflower seed milks to be particularly brilliant and innovative, and ideal for anyone with nut allergies, including kids.

Having recently received its organic certification, Rawpothecary is currently sold at retail locations throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

The company ships nationwide – it is free shipping to many states in the U.S. – and Living Maxwell readers will receive 25% off all orders until August 8th. At checkout, use the code: MaxG25

My favorites are Skinny Greens, Kalefornia, Sun Coffee, and Wholly Cacao.






Even though friends and family were incessantly begging Lianna Sugarman to start LuliTonix, it turns out that the company’s rabid fan base extends far beyond her immediate circle.

“We have many customers who order 20 bottles at a time, every single week,” she told me.

Lianna developed the company’s core product, blended greens, as a result of her own personal health issues. Not only did these drinks cause a complete turnaround in her own physical and emotional well-being, but they changed her relationship with food – a key mission of the company.

Along with the company’s great branding, what makes LuliTonix so good is the freshness and silky smooth texture of its drinks. They taste like someone just made them in the room next door and blended them to perfection.

Even though LuliTonix is known for its green blends, it introduced an excellent chia line earlier this year, which incorporates some of the most powerful superfoods such as maca and turmeric.

LuliTonix is gluten-free, can be found at select locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and uses 100% organic ingredients, with organic certification expected very soon.

The company ships nationwide, and Living Maxwell readers will receive 20% off all orders until August 8th. At checkout, use the code: LIVINGMAXWELL

My favorites are Glow, Chia Gold, Chia Life, and Cleanse.



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  • Max Goldberg says:

    Hi Connie, Mary, and Sam,

    I completely understand the concern about plastic, and I share it. It is up to each individual to assess how much food/drink in plastic that he or she wants to consume. Without question, the less, the better, and this is especially the case with kids, whose bodies are still developing.

    All that being said, I want to present the best organic juice options to people and more often than not, they are in plastic bottles.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sam says:

    While I agree with the above commenters that plastic might pose health issues, I think it’s great that you posted about two companies who are at least looking to make a healthier impact in the world! I gotta say, as a coffee drinker, that MochaChia drink looks awfully enticing. Poking around their site now. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Mary says:

    Yes I agree with Connie. Plastic bottles are poison with the BPA’s and
    will cause havoc with our hormones in both women (breast) and men (prostate).
    Glass is so clean, green, reusable, recyclable and no plastic taste!

  • connie curtis says:

    I still struggle with the plastic.. single use bottles even if they contain healthy drinks

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