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My Dinner at The Prana Cafe in Boston

After I returned from the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Vermont on Sunday, I headed straight to my favorite organic food restaurant in Boston – The Prana Cafe.

Located in Newton, about 10 minutes outside of Boston, and run by my friend and fellow Brown University alum Taylor Wells, The Prana Cafe serves super-fresh, organic raw food.  If you are ever in the Boston area, stop by The Prana Cafe.  Here is what my father and I had.


The lasagna is made from zucchini, spinach and Brazil nut cheese, and comes with marinara sauce and a side of vegetables. The marinara sauce rocked.


This salad is made with kelp noodles, mung beans, fresh herbs, carrots, red peppers, daikon and watercress with a mirin plum vinaigrette.

If you’ve never had kelp noodles before, you will be in for a surprise. Kelp is an amazingly nutritious sea vegetable, and the noodles are extremely crunchy – much more than you can imagine. Yet, this crunch gives salads fantastic texture.

This salad was my favorite dish. I couldn’t stop eating it.


The pizza included red bell peppers, asparagus, pesto, olives, onion, and Brazil nut cheese, and came with a side salad. This crust is made from buckwheat flour and flax seeds.

This pizza had an excellent flavor profile. I was very impressed.


On my next trip to Boston, for sure I’ll be going back to Prana and will take more pictures of some of their other fantastic entrees.

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