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PBS Television and Whole Foods Launch “Fantastic Organic” Initiative…. and it is Truly Fantastic

Public television is now officially promoting organic, and I could not be happier!

In partnership with Whole Foods, PBS Kids has launched a program called “Fantastic Organic”, which will provide fun, easy-to-use tools and educational resources to assist families in making educated decisions about organic food and to encourage healthy lifestyles.

The “Fantastic Organic” campaign will utilize online resources from PBS Parents, PBS KIDS and Whole Foods to help families learn to cook, shop and explore organic food together.

In addition, select Whole Foods Market stores will host in-store events for kids and families to share facts, tips, and advice about buying organic products.

The partnership between PBS Kids and Whole Foods involves two main initiatives.

1) “Fantastic Organic” Online and In-Store Presence

Online, families can explore organics at PBSPARENTS.org/fantasticorganic.

The website features recipes and tips for simple and healthy organic meals and snacks, shopping tips, videos, and interactive activities for kids that help parents encourage healthy eating.

To engage families at the supermarket, participating Whole Foods stores will host “The Hunt for Organics,” an in-store scavenger hunt.

The game comes with an activity sheet and instructions so parents and kids can have fun while they shop by searching for different organic fruits and vegetables, matching organic foods with labels and counting progress along the way.

2) Back-to-School Healthy Eating

PBS Parents is also providing helpful tips and tricks to help parents jump start healthy eating habits for kids this fall, including:

– Getting kids involved in planning meals, going grocery shopping, and preparing food. The goal is to make kids more aware of healthy eating by engaging them in the entire food process.

– Teaching kids where their food comes from and meeting the people who grow their food at local farms or farmer’s markets.

– Making healthy snacks available in the home.


The fact that PBS Television is encouraging families to consume organic food is beyond phenomenal.


Well, with 1/3rd of our country obese, horrific cancer rates (41% of people will get cancer, 21% will die from it), and the USDA force feeding us pesticide-laden, nutritionally-inferior GMOs, the American people need to know from a trusted media source that they should be eating healthy food – organic food.

And when it comes to credibility, especially with mothers and fathers, it doesn’t get much better than PBS.

If PBS really gets behind this program and makes it a priority, there is a greater likelihood that the children in our country will be eating healthier and more parents will start to understand the importance of feeding their families organic.

This is a fantastic partnership!

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