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Papa John’s Pizza Makes the Decision to Go Organic — Why This is So Important

Papa John's Pizza Makes the Decision to Go Organic -- Why This is So Important

In what is just more confirmation that the world is moving towards organic food, Papa John’s, the third-largest pizza delivery company, announced that it has launched an organic pilot program in its locations in Lexington, Kentucky. Customers in this market are now able to order pizzas that feature four freshly-sliced, organic toppings: Roma tomatoes, green […]

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In what is just more confirmation that the world is moving towards organic food, Papa John’s, the third-largest pizza delivery company, announced that it has launched an organic pilot program in its locations in Lexington, Kentucky.

Customers in this market are now able to order pizzas that feature four freshly-sliced, organic toppings: Roma tomatoes, green peppers, yellow onions, and mushrooms.

While major restaurant chains, including Papa John’s have made serious efforts to clean up their menu by removing artificial colors and flavors, the decision to offer organic ingredients has not been widely embraced just yet.

That is why this announcement by Papa John’s is so significant.

Wanting to get a better understanding of why Papa John’s launched this organic pilot program and where organic fits into the company’s future plans, I spoke with Sean Muldoon, the Chief Ingredient Officer at Papa John’s. Here is what he had to say.

(Sean Muldoon, Chief Ingredient Officer)

Was the organic pilot program driven by customer requests or was it something proposed internally?

The organic pilot program is a natural extension of the Better Ingredients journey we have been on for 33 years. At Papa John’s, every year we evaluate all of our ingredients and challenge ourselves to make them better, including ensuring we are the leader in the pizza industry relative to consumer needs.

Last year, our research showed that more than 50% of American households purchase organic ingredients. And based on recent trends, about 20% of all produce will come from certified organic farms by 2020. That was telling us something about our customers’ needs.

How long was it being discussed internally before you decided to move forward with the organic pilot program?

We’ve been working on this program for more than a year. We never do anything just to do it – we want to get it right – and the organic pilot is no different.

To make the program come to life, we had to make some changes to our supply chain. We partnered with Green BEAN Delivery, whose goal is to make healthy and sustainably-grown food more affordable, accessible and convenient, to help execute this initiative.

Why did you partner with Green BEAN instead of sourcing it directly on your own?

Through its online platform, Green BEAN delivers organic ingredients to homes in the Louisville area. Last year, when we were going through our annual ingredient evaluation process, we saw their trucks on the road. So, one day, I just picked the phone and called Matt Ewer, the founder and CEO of Green BEAN. It was the start to a great partnership.

We have been really impressed with Matt and his team at Green BEAN. They have a great vision around organic produce and sustainability. They also have a strong network of certified organic farmers around the U.S. including in California, Florida, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. Sourcing organic produce throughout a calendar year for a large system like Papa John’s is a real supply chain challenge, so having a partner like Green BEAN is critical.

How long will the pilot program continue?

We plan on reading the Lexington, KY pilot program through a series of key metrics, including consumer feedback through our digital and social media channels. Based on positive feedback we have already received from consumers, we are now in discussions internally around expanding the program to other markets.

Were there or are there discussions about coming out with an entirely organic pizza, not just the four toppings?

Right now, we’re only offering the four organic ingredients: Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and yellow onions. As for an entirely organic pizza – that would take some time, but never say never!

What can you disclose about future plans to expand the pilot program and make it a permanent option on your menu nationwide?

Right now, we’re focused on this first step in the organics journey. We would love to see this pilot program take off and give us the opportunity to make organics available on a larger scale. At Papa John’s, we’re committed to our Clean Label journey – so we’re always looking for ways to create more quality options for our customers to enjoy.

What is the price difference between a regular pizza and a pizza with these organic toppings?

The cost of producing certified organic food does come at a premium, and while it will become more efficient over time, that premium won’t entirely go away. But, at Papa John’s, we invest in quality. More specifically, we invest over $100 million annually in our products, research, and development as part of our Clean Label initiative. Customers in the Lexington market can get a certified organic produce, two-topping pizza for just $9.99.

How much of a concern is the supply issue – meaning, getting adequate amounts of organic ingredients to meet demand?

That’s why we partnered with experts in the organics space! As we work through this pilot and explore the viability of offering organic ingredients on a larger scale, those are ongoing conversations we’re having with Green BEAN Delivery.

Not only is this pilot program a very shrewd business decision, but it demonstrates that Papa John’s is truly committed to offering the best ingredients — organic ones — to its customers.

Most importantly, this move will also encourage its competitors to follow suit and could serve as a key spark for the entire restaurant industry to give organic a much more serious look. This will have very positive ramifications in changing the overall supply chain and getting more farmers to transition to organic. That is the bigger picture here.

I have no doubt that this organic pilot program at Papa John’s will be a massive success, and it is only a matter of time before the company makes organic a permanent fixture on its menu everywhere.

Sean Muldoon and the entire Papa John’s organization deserve serious praise for taking its menu in this direction.

Needless to say, this is a phenomenal development.

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  • Robert says:

    Would like to get a pizza made with grass fed cheese and grass fed or grain free meats as I’m allergic to soy Isoflavones and can only eat soy free eggs, 100% grass fed meats, grain free like Rainbow farms in California who charged me $270 just for a grain free turkey so I could eat turkey on Thanksgiving once. Same goes for vegetables and fruits that are coated in soy wax, I can’t even eat out without an epipen. I swear the food industry is trying to kill me. Farmers Almanac USDA 1913 Soy is unfit for human consumption or animal feeds and may only be grown for industrial uses. When did humans become an industrial product. Good thing I can make my own pizza, but it would be nice to eat out some day.

  • Bianca says:

    OMG this makes me so happy! I absolutely love organic food. I get most of my groceries from Carrot Krate , an online organic food delivery company. They’re amazing. But that’s less relevant to this post. LOL

    I’m so so glad Papa John’s is taking this step! But I agree with everyone else, they definitely should make ALL of their food organic, rather than just the toppings

  • moishe says:

    there is a organic store in Brooklyn new York that produces a delicious all organic vegetable spelt pizza “delicious”its called ORGANIC CIRCLE 1415 ave m Brooklyn 11230

  • Papa John’s pizza should be organic all the way not just 4 toppings I will not eat there pizza until that happens.

    • StephenVerchinski says:

      Yep, same here. Wheat, barley, even cane sugar has been found to have residual glyphosate even after food processing. Cattle feed can now have up to almost 100 times allowable limits of glyphosate in water so cheese is incredibly suspect. Have placed all commercial pizza on my do not buy list. That goes for Amy’s as well with the bogus “made with organic wheat” that is on the box advert. but not ALL the ingredients.

  • I d o not understand why the rest of the ingredients on the pizza are not organic!! Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • cheese and meats from grass feed cows and humanly raised animals.Crust made without oils and bleached white flour. If you are serious about serving healthy ingredients, then prove it, not just about four. Then I will consider eating your pizza again.

  • Suzanne says:

    That’s a great Start. Keep on going. Now they need to add grass-fed cheese, organic, nitrite/nitrate-free grass fed meats like pepperoni and an optional (and delicious) gluten-free (even grain-free) crust.

  • PJDW says:

    How about serving REAL cheese like they used to do when they started out, and the reason they excelled?

    I have avoided Papa Johns in recent years for four reasons:

    1. The local store refused to honor a coupon which cost my Asperger son twice the money.
    2. They no longer use real cheeses like the started out with.
    3. There are better places across America who STILL use real cheese and treat customers with respect.
    4. I am smart enough to look up what is healthy ingredients, and what are adulterated ingredients that contain
    chemical additives.

  • Lynn says:

    This is a baby step. Papa Johns is headed in the right direction but, why would anyone want to purchase a Pizza with non-organic ingredients in the sauce (MSG) and crust just because they are going to put organic toppings on it.

  • Mitch says:

    I wonder if Papa’s will ever get rid of added MSG, which they deny they use… I’m not betting on it

  • Christine says:

    YAY – thank you for taking steps in the right direction!

    Good on you!

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