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Organic Valentine’s Day – Chocolate and Flower Ideas

For organic food lovers, holidays definitely don’t mean a vacation from organic. So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I have put together a few different organic options for both chocolate and flowers.


Without question, my favorite place to get dessert in NYC is at One Lucky Duck. Whatever they make is outrageously good and that includes anything chocolate-related.

For Valentine’s Day, they are offering a handmade Box of Chocolates, which comes packaged in pretty red cacao leaf eco-boxes and is tied with a bow. Each box contains a ginger caramel truffle, passion fruit bon bon, banana hazelnut truffle, pomegranate cream chocolate and a dark chocolate ganache with cranberry. The price for the box of chocolates is $22.

For the very serious chocolate lover, you may want to step it up a notch and go for something more rich. A perfect gift would be the Truffle Love – Chocolate Truffles and Truffle Butter.

The truffles are coated in cacao nibs and 10 are in each jar. The truffle butter is decadent and can be used as a spread or it can be eaten straight from the jar.

Each jar is 13 ounces and the price for both is $30.50. All of One Lucky Duck’s products are organic, raw, sugar-free and dairy-free.  Please order today if interested in either of these products.

Another fantastic option is the Passion Collection Truffles (pictured above) from Gnosis Chocolate.

For those who are not familiar with Gnosis, I first came across them at Natural Products Expo West in California last year. Since that time, I have witnessed this company explode in popularity.

Founder Vanessa Barg puts out some really interesting and unique chocolate, always emphasizing health — by using many, many super-foods in her products.

With her Passion Collection Truffles, it is no different. In this collection, the three types of truffles are aphrodisia, cupuacu and white rose.

While all three truffles taste great, the cupuacu absolutely blew my mind!! A relatively unknown super-fruit from Brazil, the cupuacu is from the sister tree of the chocolate tree and blends elements of chocolate, bananas and passion fruit.

It is so good that I bet most people are going to follow-up and then order the cupuacu acai spread.

The Passion Collection Truffles come in three different size boxes: 3-piece for $10.49, 16-piece for $47.99 and the 24-piece for $64.49.

All of Gnosis chocolates are certified organic, raw, sugar-free and dairy-free. Gnosis requests that orders be placed by 12pm on Wednesday, February 9th.


The flower industry is a massive, massive industry in Latin America, most of which is non-organic. As a result, A TON of pesticides is sprayed on the flowers and eventually makes its way into the water supply. Furthermore, the chemicals sicken the workers.

The NY Times reported on this several years ago and it did not paint a pretty picture.

For those people who want to support the organic flower industry and desire to purchase pesticide-free flowers, two companies are:

California Organic Flowers

Organic Bouquet

Have a great Valentine’s Day!!

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