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Organic Link Love – Interesting Stories from the Week

Below are some interesting organic food news stories and links that I found this week.

Profile of organic vodka Square One – CNN

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio on the importance of organic food – Discovery Channel

Farmers in the Philippines are encouraged to switch to organic – Sun Star

Native Iowan leaves music business, returns to Iowa to build big organic farming business – Des Moines Register

Rock star Jon Bon Jovi opens community kitchen in New Jersey to fight hunger, organic garden out front – The Daily Beast

Students at Arizona State University petition Aramark for healthier campus food – The State Press

Legendary journalist Dan Rather exposes how the chemical industry has such a major role in the Colony Collapse Disorder of bees – Pesticide Action Network

Organic food icon and restauranteur Alice Water heads to China to cook for celebrities and hundreds of others – China Daily

Last but not least, some pretty unsettling news about the McRib. It contains substances that are banned in Europe and Australia but approved in the U.S. – TIME Magazine

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