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Organic Link Love – November 4th

On Tuesday, we will finally know if California becomes the very first state in the country to have mandatory GMO-labeling when citizens in that state vote on Proposition 37.

Several weeks ago, we were winning in the polls but due to a barrage of non-stop, negative and misleading ads, we are now trailing by 10 percentage points. Let’s hope that these poll results are very inaccurate.

In the meantime, here are some of the most interesting and important organic food news stories over the past few weeks. Enjoy!!


Organic supplier EcoMeal Organic giving away organic food to Hurricane Sandy victims in Brighton Beach, NYC – Sheepshead Bites

The top farm-to-table hotel restaurants in the world – Huffington Post

Aurora Organic dairy to aid first Russian organic milk development – Dairy Reporter

‘Food hubs’ offer an alternative distribution channel for organic and local food – Pioneer Press

Meet Nell Newman, the woman behind the Newman’s Own Organics label – Grist

Dr. Bronner’s contributes another $250,000 for Yes on 37 Campaign – Organic Consumers Association

New national organization publishes first food policy scorecard – Food Policy Action Blog

Debunked: 6 lies that Biotech and Big Food are telling voters in California for Proposition 37 – AlterNet

Organic food market in Australia grows to $300 million – Commodities & Futures 

San Francisco area hospitals fuel organic food drive – NBC

Cool profile of the founders of pressed organic juice company BluePrint – Racked

Judge bans GMOs in national wildlife refuges – Grist

Earthbound Farms installs robotics system for packing produce, unveils new eco-clamshells – NASDAQ

Genetically-modified foods capped for 10 years by Supreme Court panel in India – Daily Mail

In its report, the Academy of American Academy of Pediatrics said that the “Ingestion of milk from estrogen-treated cows appears to be safe for children – The Wall Street Journal

Wegman’s organic spinach contaminated with e.Coli – Food Poison Journal

Inspirational story of how farmer in Pennsylvania transitioned to organic – Huffington Post

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