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Organic Link Love – May 27th

I had a fantastic time at my 20th college reunion on Friday night in Providence, and I loved seeing so many people who are either into organic food or curious about it.

Here is some organic food reading pleasure for your Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!


The Cornucopia Institute releases The Organic Watergate, a scandalous report on the organic industry – The Cornucopia Institute

A battle is brewing over the labeling of genetically-modified food – The New York Times

Seattle creates urban food forest and will grow organic food on public land – The Epoch Times

Recall of organic spinach products due to salmonella scare – Progressive Grocer

Lebanon’s first eco-restaurant serves only organic food – Al Arabaya News

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. aims to be Michigan’s first organic brewery – M Live

In China, fast food is under attack and demand for healthy, organic food is really starting to rise – AsiaOne News

Organic certifier Oregon Tilth will merge with its California counterpart, CCOF – Oregon Live

Miami organic food supplier busted for mislabeling vegetables – Sunshine Slate

Amy’s products now produced in BPA-free cans – Virtual Strategy

Experts in Singapore say a government certification program could boost output of organic produce – Channel News Asia

Many bars are embracing eco-friendly practices and using organic products – Entrepreneur Magazine

Demand for organic is booming in Australia, excellent overview of the market there – Brisbane Times

Seaside food trailers in Florida take diners back in time, serve organic food – Tuscaloosa News

Plenty of organic food to be served at Prague Food Festival – The Prague Post

Entrepreneur fulfills dream and launches organic food product line in glass jars – Redding’s Hamlet Hub

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