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Organic Licorice – Who Knew?

I was in my local organic market the other day and I stumbled across this tiny blue box of organic licorice. Yes, organic licorice.

When I think of licorice, I am reminded of the packs of red Twizzlers that I used to devour as a kid. Not exactly a pleasant thought, to be honest.

This organic licorice by Zot is apparently made in Italy using only “the finest organically grown licorice plant root.” The other ingredient in the product is organic anise flavor.

While I have always been used to chewing licorice, the Zot organic licorice is slightly different. This licorice comes in tiny pellets and you just suck on them, like you would a breath mint.

My Take: Much to my surprise, I liked it a lot. It was refreshing, slightly bitter and quite enjoyable.

I could definitely see myself buying it again.

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