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Organic Insider: My Conversation with the NYT’s Stephanie Strom, the Most Influential Food Business Journalist in the Country

After 30 years at The New York Times, Stephanie Strom recently resigned from the newspaper, having garnered the reputation as the most influential food business journalist in the country.

In this week’s Organic Insider, I interviewed Stephanie Strom and we discussed a variety of subjects, including:

– What food companies should NOT do when pitching to The New York Times

– Whether she dealt with editorial pressure to cover GMOs or organic in a certain way

– How the NYT’s view of GMOs and pesticides changed over the years

– The biggest challenges that the organic industry is facing right now

– How the organic industry can improve, from a PR perspective

To read my full interview with Stephanie Strom, just sign up for a free trial of Organic Insider (no credit card required), and I will send it right over to you.

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