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My Top 5 Non-GMO, Organic Halloween Options

With aversion to GMOs at an all-time high, more parents than ever are going to be looking for non-GMO, organic candy options for Halloween at the end of this month.

So, here are my top 5 picks for a Non-GMO, organic Halloween. Some of the following are not candy per se but they are sweet and taste fantastic!


The biggest endorsement that I can give for NibMor’s daily dose of dark chocolate is this – I buy it all of the time. And believe me, if I am buying a product more than once, it has to be good.

These daily doses are the perfect size for Halloween, and the chocolate is vegan and contains no refined sugar, dairy or gluten.

NibMor’s daily dose of chocolate comes in a box of 60 and can be purchased online.


With Bites of Bliss, the name does not lie one iota.

Each mouthful of this delicious treat is rich and filling, and kids will have absolutely no idea that they are putting something nutritious into their bodies.

There are no sweeteners in Bites of Bliss and everything is raw, vegan, and soy-free.

It comes in three flavors – goji berry, pineapple coconut, carob almond – but my favorite is the carob almond.

Bites of Bliss can be ordered online or can be found at select retailers on the West Coast. In New York City, they are sold at Organic Avenue.


I named Kur Delights one of my Top 5 Organic Products from Natural Products Expo East in 2011 and have been a fan ever since.

This perfect mouthful of decadence is raw, vegan, and contains no sugar. It is all nuts, seeds, oils, superfoods, spices, and fruit.

Kids will not believe that this is a healthy treat and will eat one after the other.

Kur Delights also comes in coconut cream and dark chocolate mint but my favorite is the brownie flavor. It can be ordered online as a four-pack or as a jar of 100.

(Note: the shape of Kur Delights is slightly different than the picture of above, which was taken last year. It is now more flat, rather than round.)


Angell Organic Candy Bars will probably make my list every single year as I remain very impressed by the integrity and quality of the product.

There are three flavors, one of which is vegan (Dark Angel) and one of which is gluten-free (Angel Crisp).

The bars – Angell Crisp, Snow Angell and Dark Angell – are all available on Amazon.


I had been hearing about Torie & Howard organic hard candies for quite some time and what really stood out to me was their incredibly interesting array of flavors.

When have we ever seen organic candies with flavors such as d’anjou pear & cinnamon, pomegranate & nectarine, blood orange & honey, and pink grapefruit & tupelo honey? If they’re out there, I certainly haven’t seen them before.

Torie & Howard organic hard candies can be purchased online in individual tins (for each flavor) or as an assorted bunch with all four flavors.


Starting this year and every year going forward, let’s keep the GMOs out of the Halloween bags. Have a healthy and organic Halloween!

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