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The Obama Administration Continues to Betray Organics – USDA Set to Approve Drought Resistant GM-Corn

The other day I got an email from The Center for Food Safety (CFS), and it contained some very disturbing news for organic consumers.

The USDA is set to approve drought-resistant genetically-modified corn (MON 87460). Aside from the fact that it is genetically-modified, which I am adamantly against, the USDA is completely ignoring the environmental and socio-economic impacts of this corn.

According to the CFS, the USDA’s proposal:

* Fails to adequately consider and protect organic consumers
* Fails to recognize farmers and consumers have the right to choose non-GE
* Fails to analyze the adverse environmental impacts of additional corn cultivation enabled by MON 87460
* Fails to assess the environmental impacts of converting Conservation Reserve Program land to MON 87460
* Fails to analyze the benefits of drought-tolerant organic corn as an alternative to MON 87460
* Fails to use sound science and relies excessively on Monsanto data

Should we be surprised that the USDA is taking such action?

Not in the slightest.

The USDA’s irresponsible behavior is par for the course. In two previous rulings, with genetically-engineered sugar beets and genetically-engineered alfalfa, the courts have chastised the USDA for failing to complete full and complete environmental impact studies.

Nevertheless, the USDA disobeyed the courts and gave approval for these crops anyhow, without the full environment impact studies being completed. Here they are doing it again but with a new crop.

Why is the USDA acting like this?

The Obama administration has a very strong policy of catering to the biotech industry at the expense of organic consumers. So, the USDA is basically executing policy that Obama has set forth.

Andrew Kimbrell, the Executive Director of The Center for Food Safety, has said that Obama is worse than Bush when it comes to organics.

How Can We Fight This?

As of now, the best way is to click HERE to send in your e-mail to the USDA and tell them to obey the law. I’ve sent mine in already, and comments are due by July 11th.

If there is any more news about this drought-resistant GM-corn, I will be sure to keep you posted.  Thanks so much for continuing to support organic food. I sincerely appreciate it.

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