Join Me in NYC for a GMO-Labeling Fundraiser to Benefit Proposition 37

As many of us know already, citizens in California will be voting in November on whether genetically-modified food (GMOs) should be labeled or not – Proposition 37.

Even though this is a vote in California, the implications for the rest of the country are enormous.

If California passes mandatory GMO-labeling, it will encourage other states to do the same and consumers throughout the country will finally know what is in their food.

As it stands now, the U.S. does not require GMOs to labeled. This is counter to what 40 other countries around the world (EU, Japan, Australia, Brazil, China, Russia) believe – they all require GMO-labeling.

Our refusal to label GMOs precludes us from knowing exactly what is in our food and goes against everything that America stands for.

Not surprisingly, Big Ag and the chemical industry do not want Proposition 37 to pass in California and have donated tens of millions to defeat this measure.

From the latest count that I have heard, we are being outspent $32 million to $3 million, or nearly 11-1.

Wanting to support our fellow organic advocates in California, my friend Vani Hari ( and I are hosting a dinner in New York City on October 1st to raise money for Proposition 37’s CA Right to Know campaign.

Tickets are $100 and all net proceeds will be donated to CA Right to Know. We are also in the process of lining up sponsors, so that 100% of all ticket sales can go to the campaign.

To purchase tickets and to get more information about the event, click HERE.

This event is being marketing to A LOT of people and there is a very limited number of seats. So, if you’re interested, please buy tickets early.

If you would like to go but can’t afford the $100, I will be giving away a free ticket on my Facebook page.

Can’t go to event but still interested in donating to the campaign? You can do so on the CA Right to Know website.


To learn more about Proposition 37, click HERE.

To learn which conventional, organic and natural food companies have donated money to defeat Proposition 37, click HERE. (These are also the companies that I am boycotting.)

Thank you so much for supporting organic food, and I look forward to seeing you on October 1st in New York City.



  • Dr. Ayala says:

    Max, thanks for organizing this event.

    I’m a strong supporter of labeling GMO foods. We consumers have the right to know.

    Since food bio companies will be spending millions to defeat the initiative, and pro labeling consumers won’t have nearly as much money it’s so important to lead in enthusiasm and passion.

    We’ll be happy to support and share the event with our community.

  • theoldman says:

    I’d like to buy a $100.00 ticket, but if only organically grown food is to be allowed by law (which is the real goal of the corporate supporters and Greenpeace of this proposition), I’m gonna need every cent just to feed myself.

  • stephanie haughey says:

    Hello Max
    Do you know anyone who would like to attend but may not be
    able to afford to to buy a ticket? I will buy a ticket on their behalf.

    All the best,

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      That is very kind of you. If you want to buy one, I’ll put it on my Facebook page or email list and give it away. Thanks for your generosity!

      Live well,

  • Linda says:

    Hi Max,

    First of all, thanks for a great blog! I love how you are able to provide a levelheaded opinion while still being passionate about the organic cause.

    I just read that France has published a study that links GMO corn to cancer. The study is way more thorough than Monsanto’s own studies (no surprise there, I guess). I would love if you could write a post about this, as I think it’s extremely important that people understand that unbiased scientific research increasingly points to serious health threats from GMOs.

    Here is a link to a NY Times article about the study, which also contains a link to the study in question:

    Sorry to be hijacking your blog, but I thought this might be something that interests you. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • Maria Brophy says:

    This is such an important issue to me. I avoid GMO’s as much as I possibly can, as I know they are very unhealthy. The problem is, it’s hard to know which foods have it and which do not.

    I will be incredibly happy when this law to label GMO’s passes! I will feel confident about my food choices and maybe even be able to shop at normal grocery stores again.

    I cannot attend the New York function, but I will buy a ticket and I would like to give it to someone who can attend in my place. That way I’ll feel like I’m contributing in some way!

    AND PLEASE, tell people that cannot attend to do the same; to buy a ticket and give it away. It’s a great way to help get this law passed.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Maria,

      I greatly appreciate your support and thanks so much for buying someone a ticket!! Great idea and very generous of you.

      Yes, GMO-labeling is essential and we have to do everything we can to get it passed in California. People have a right to know what is in their food.

      Live well,

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