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GREAT-WATCH: Legendary Musician Neil Young Releases Anti-GMO, Anti-Monsanto Anthem — ‘A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop’

I think legendary rocker Neil Young has just become my favorite musician ever.

In a recently released song called “A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop”, Neil Young rips into Starbucks for not only supporting Monsanto but also for being a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, an organization which is suing Vermont to overturn the state’s GMO-labeling bill. (Starbucks buys milk which comes from animals who have been fed Monsanto’s GMO-feed).

And, yes, the Grocery Manufacturers Association is actually mentioned in the song, can you believe it???

This is the first-time that I can ever recall a high profile musician using his status and visibility to go after Monsanto and companies that support Monsanto — in a song.

Thank you so much, Neil Young, for using your fame to bring badly needed attention to our cause!

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