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My Organic Dinner Last Night – Extra Kelp

Last night, I stayed in to watch LSU-Alabama (I’m a huge college football fan, by the way) and prepared this organic meal to eat while the top two teams in the country went at it.

I cooked quinoa, cut up an avocado and a cucumber, and added in some cherry tomatoes.

On the right, that black looking stuff is kelp. I have been trying to incorporate more sea vegetables into my diet, kelp in particular.

A source of many trace minerals and nutrients, kelp is especially praised for its iodine content, plays an important role in maintaining a healthy thyroid, and helps absorb toxins from the bowel.

Since eating kelp right out of the bag is pretty harsh, I soak it in water, drain and then cut it into slices. If you want it more flavorful, add some olive oil, lemon or other seasoning. You can also put kelp into soups.

I get most of my kelp from Maine Sea Coast Vegetables.

In the left of the bowl are Japanese yams. I sliced them, brushed them with Artisana’s raw coconut oil, and then roasted them for about 12 minutes.

Coconut oil is one of the few oils that you can safely heat. Despite what many people think, olive oil is not one of them.

This dinner was easy to prepare and very satisfying. Plus, it cost me less than $10 to make.

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