My Dinner Last Night at Caravan of Dreams

Last night I met up with a old friend of mine for dinner at Caravan of Dreams in NYC. Caravan of Dreams is an organic restaurant in the East Village that has been around for almost 20 years.

Here is what I like about the place.

1) The food is very, very good.  I never ever have a bad meal there.

2) They have a big selection of cooked and raw food – the menu is extensive.

3) The smoothie menu is very strong and contains many super-food options.

4) I can drink the water there. Why? Because my close friend does their water filtration system and I know it is the best.

5) The service is always excellent. The people are down-to-earth, friendly and accommodating.

Here is what we had.

We got started off with a free amuse-bouche, which was a date (one of my favorites – i love dates) filled with pesto. One small bite was definitely not enough. I could have eaten about five of these. I’m also a huge fan of pesto yet eat it very rarely.

For an appetizer, I had the miso soup. This soup had lots of onions, more than you see at most places. It had a good flavor to it and the heat was definitely needed on a freezing cold night.

For my main course, I had the Omega Salad. It consisted of sunflower sprouts, mixed field greens, avocado, spiced macadamia & hemp seeds and a citrus hemp dressing. The salad was light, refreshing and filling at the same time.

My friend had the Cuban Delight, which was grilled tofu, Spanish rice, black beans, blanched vegetables and a grilled banana. I didn’t taste it but he was very happy with it and it looked great.

Overall, the food was great and I will definitely be going back.

One interesting piece of news that I learned last night: I  was told that a former chef of Pure Food and Wine (one of the best raw food restaurants in NYC) has now taken control of the kitchen at Caravan of Dreams.

The staff seemed very excited about this development. I would imagine that the menu is going to get revamped and the restaurant will increase/improve its raw food offerings.


  • Max Goldberg says:

    Hi Anita,

    Yes, the amuse was pretty outstanding! I feel the same.

    Live well,

  • Anita says:

    I had the same amuse and could eat a pyramid of them.

  • Max Goldberg says:

    Hi Helena,

    Thanks so much! I’ll be putting up a post very soon of a list of my favorite organic places so you will have a bunch to go to when you come visit.

    I appreciate your interest!

    Live well,

  • Helena says:

    Awesome review! I’m totally gonna add it to my places to eat at when I’m in NYC in 2011. I lived & worked in the big apple till 2008. I didn’t even knew what organic food was back then – I mostly shopped at Fairway, Food Emporium, Gourmet Garage, TJ’s & of course Whole foods…Whole Foods at Columbus circle is my favorite place in the world. I’m interested of how I’ll experience NYC now that I’m eat organic real food…Thanks for this review – at least I know where to start restaurant-wise! That soup looks so awesome.

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