Most Innovative Award from Natural Products Expo West 2013 – Little Duck Organics


The more I see of Brooklyn-based Little Duck Organics, the more impressed I become.

Everything that this company does – from its marketing, product development, and customer interaction – is truly stellar.

Little Duck Organics won the Best Trade Show Booth at Expo East 2012, and at Expo West 2013 I am giving them my Most Innovative Award.

On the back on the packaging, there is a phone number if you have any questions or comments.

However, it is not a number to call. It is a number to text. You text in your comments or questions.

Founder Zak Normandin told me that they are interacting with their customers on a daily basis by text messages.

Maybe other companies in the non-organic world are doing customer service via text messaging (I don’t buy conventional food, so I wouldn’t know) but I have yet to see an organic company embrace this strategy. I thought it was brilliant.

This innovative, ahead of the curve execution is what I have now come to expect from Little Duck Organics.

Zak Normandin is a star in this industry. Period.


Although Little Duck Organics did not win my Best Trade Show Booth of Natural Products Expo West 2013, what they had was pretty cool. Nice wood floors with a yellow couch, orange and red pillows, video games on the TV set, and beautiful signage.


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