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Middle Earth Organics Tomato Sauce – Another Great Product from Italy

I think sometime soon I am going to have to make a trip and go to an organic trade show in Italy. Why?

Because the organic food that I have tasted from this country is just so, so good.

As you may know, I am totally in love with Dream Foods International’s Italian Volcano Orange Juice, whose oranges are grown in the volcanic soil in Sicily.

And this past weekend, as I stocked up on food in order to prepare for Hurricane Irene, I stumbled across another phenomenal product from Italy – Middle Earth Organics Pasta Sauce.

When I bought a jar of Middle Earth Organics Tomato Sauce with Olives and Capers, I was expecting a very thick, rich and chunky sauce.

Yet, what I encountered was very different.

On one hand, the sauce was surprisingly thin.  On the other hand, the sauce contained full olives. Not crushed olives or olive pieces but full olives. And as a HUGE fan of olives, I was thrilled.

The olives, by the way, are Peranzana olives, which are praised for their balanced flavor and for being a pure cultivar, not a hybrid.

Back to the sauce: Even though it was thinner than I had anticipated, the flavor profile was excellent. Aside from the great recipe itself, I would credit the taste for being so good to two factors.

1) The soil in Italy must be superior than what we have in the U.S. and this results in superior tasting food. You can tell from the Italian Volcano Orange Juice and you can tell from the Middle Earth Organics Pasta Sauce.

They just taste different. It isn’t something that you can explain.

2) All of the organic vegetables for the Middle Earth Organics Pasta Sauces are grown on the company’s estate in Northern Italy.

This means that they can be picked at the peak of absolute freshness and are processed direct from vine to jar within hours of being harvested. It also means that quality can be tightly controlled.

Overall, Middle Earth Organics delivers a fantastic tasting pasta sauce and one that I will definitely be purchasing again.


Ingredients include organic tomatoes, organic Peranzana olives, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic capers, organic garlic and sea salt.

I could not locate a company website but check with your local retailer for availability.

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