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MAY I BE FRANK is a Beautiful, Beautiful Movie

Frank Ferrante walks into Cafe Gratitude, one of my absolute favorite organic restaurants in the country, and is asked by the server, Ryland, “What is one thing that you want to do before you die?”

He responds “I want to fall in love one more time, but no one will love me looking the way I do.”

Ryland, his brother Cary, and his best friend Conor, feel inspired to help Frank change his situation and decide to take him on a 42-day journey of raw food, a practice of gratitude, weekly colonics, and visits to holistic doctors.

Of course, all of this is documented on film and what we get is an incredibly beautiful movie called May I Be Frank.

What makes this documentary compelling is not just the physical changes that we see in Frank Ferrante but how the organic food and new lifestyle are able to create serious breakthroughs in how he feels about himself and in his relationship with his family.

A few things really stuck out to me about this movie.

First, Frank Ferrante is a very likeable and charismatic personality. Watching him take his first four ounce shot of wheatgrass was priceless and so was hearing him describe his bowel movements to the doctor. Yet, his willingness to be completely transparent about all of his feelings, fears, and regrets is what endears us to Frank.

Second, the three coaches in the movie (Ryland, Cary, Conor) are extremely caring and supportive of Frank, and this provides an essential element of love in the film.

Lastly, viewers get an inside look at the most special and unique restaurant in the country, Cafe Gratitude.

While there is no question that the organic food is spectacular, it is the way in which Cafe Gratitude embraces gratitude and community that makes it such a treasure.

If you have been to Cafe Gratitude, you know what I am talking about.

If you haven’t been to Cafe Gratitude, get there as soon as you can. Due to an impending lawsuit, a few of the locations in northern California will be closing. So, don’t delay.

May I Be Frank is a very moving film that speaks to the power of food, love, and gratitude. I recommend it strongly.

May I Be Frank can be purchased as a DVD or via streaming online on Amazon.

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