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Looking for a Healthy Snack for Your Kids? Take a Look at Matt’s Munchies

Last night in my local organic market, I stumbled upon a bag of Matt’s Munchies banana fruit snack.

There are a bunch of these organic fruit snack products on the market but I had never run across this brand before and was immediately intrigued.

So, I flipped over the bag and took a look at the ingredients – organic banana puree. That’s it, nothing else.

It didn’t take long for me to rip it open and take a bite. And I was very pleasantly surprised at what I found.

Well, what I found was me standing there, chewing, and eating the entire bag until it was gone. And I had to restrain myself from going to buy another one.

The taste was fantastic (very banana-esque, of course) and the texture reminded me of caramel candy I used to devour eons ago.

If you’re looking for a healthy, organic snack for your kids, definitely check out Matt’s Munchies. I was impressed.


Matt’s Munchies is available at retail locations nationwide and can be purchased online.

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