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Making Medicine on a Saturday Afternoon in NYC

I just got out of my Ashtanga yoga class and came home to make some medicine.

I believe that food is medicine, and the best medicine we can put into our bodies is fresh, organic juice. What you see above is living and curative nutrition.

Juicing takes time and effort, but your body and mind will thank you for doing it.

When I do not juice, I just do not feel the same. I tend to get down, am sluggish, and lack energy.

Here I am making an organic juice with collards and celery. The juicer I use is the Green Star 1000, the only home juicer that I recommend. (The Norwalk juicer is the best juicer available, but it is several thousand dollars, more of a commercial juicer, and not economically feasible for most people, myself included.)

When I juice, I ALWAYS wash my produce with the fruit/vegetable wash from Vermont Soap Organics – the only fruit/vegetable wash that I recommend. Beware: Many of the vegetable washes you find at the market contain very questionable ingredients. Watch my interview with Larry Plesent, founder of Vermont Soap Organics, to learn more about this.


The beautiful weather has hit NYC today, and now that I am done juicing, I am going outside to get some sun.

Have a great weekend!!

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