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Organic Insider: Leading Industry Companies are Fighting Against Hydroponics in Organic

On Wednesday, I wrote about the very controversial issue of hydroponics in organic and how allowing it to be certified as organic is a complete violation of the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990.

This issue is so problematic that some of the organic industry’s leading companies have jumped into the debate and asked the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), which is meeting at the end of this month, to recommend that hydroponics be removed from organic immediately.

In this week’s Organic Insider, I discuss, among other things, the following:

– The letter circulating among the industry that is asking the NOSB to remove hydroponics from organic.

– My conversation with the CEO who drafted the letter and why she decided to get involved in this matter.

– Which companies have signed this letter so far.

– How the major organic hydroponic companies have responded.

To read my full recap of how organic food companies are getting involved in this very important debate, just sign up for a free trial of Organic Insider (no credit card required), and I will send it right over to you.

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