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Lydia’s Kitchen in Fairfax, California is a Truly Outstanding Organic Restaurant

Located about 45 minutes outside of San Francisco in the small town of Fairfax is an organic restaurant called Lydia’s Kitchen.

I had eaten at Lydia’s Kitchen several years ago but after a recent renovation and an upgraded menu, my lunch on Saturday blew me away. Here is what I had:


While this sampler is not officially on the menu, all of the drinks are. Starting at the top and going clockwise,

– Orange Mango Smoothie: orange juice, mangoes.

– Berry Smoothie: orange juice, bananas, berries.

– Chlorophyll Boost Drink: blend of greens with cucumber and lemon.

– Cacao Shake: sesame seeds, hemp seeds, agave, cacao, coconut, purified water.

– Raw Power Shake: almond “melk”, figs, blueberries, cacao nibs, maca and Lydia’s Green Powder.

By far, my two favorites were the Cacao Shake and the Raw Power Shake. Both had just the perfect flavor and were incredibly satisfying.


This crepe was made with greens, quinoa, “cheez”, salsa, vegan burger crumbles, avocado, and chili & barbeque sauce. The wrap was made from sprouted buckwheat, herbs, and salt.

I took one bite of this crepe and said to myself “this is one of the best foods I have had in a long, long time. I could eat about 20 of these”. The manager told me she had been eating them for two weeks straight.

It was light, flavorful, and so refreshing. For sure, I’ll be thinking about this crepe for months when I am back in NYC.


The raw cookies were made with almonds, walnuts, coconuts, dates, cinnamon & vanilla, and the chocolate chips were made with raw cacao, coconut oil, and agave.

The crust on the fruit pie was made with almonds, walnuts, coconuts, dates, cinnamon, & vanilla.

The cookies were as good as any raw cookie that I’ve ever had – so decadent and rich – and the fruit pie was fresh and fruity sweet.

Lydia’ Kitchen has an amazing menu of cooked and raw foods, and I wish I could have tried everything.

Aside from having fantastic service, being incredibly clean, and offering a kid’s play area, Lydia’s Kitchen had amazing energy. I was there for the entire afternoon, eating and working on my laptop, and it could not have been a more pleasant way to spend the day.

If you are unable to visit Lydia’s Kitchen in person, check out her line of packaged goods available at retail locations nationwide. I am a big fan of her cereals and kale chips.

When I think about my favorite organic restaurants in the country, Lydia’s Kitchen is now definitely on the list.

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