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My Lunch on Saturday at Life Alive in Boston

What happens when you have an organic restaurant in a city where there are very, very few and you also serve fantastic food?

You get so mobbed that you literally have to close the doors and turn customers away. This is what happened when I visited Life Alive on Saturday afternoon.

Located very close to MIT (Massachusetts Institute for Technology), Life Alive is an organic restaurant in Central Square in Cambridge, MA that serves vegetarian food.

I have eaten at Life Alive’s other restaurant in Lowell, MA (45 minutes outside of Boston) but this was my first time at the Cambridge location.

Here is what I had:


This smoothie was made from blueberries, strawberries, bananas, dates, and almond milk. It tasted as good as it looks.



Made with quinoa, short grain brown rice, steamed carrots, tofu, beets, dark-leafy greens, broccoli and hijiki, the Rebel was then topped with Braggs Liquid Aminos, flax oil, and a sesame ginger/nama shoyu sauce.

What you can’t see are the quinoa and brown rice, which are both on the bottom of the bowl.

This tasted about 5 times as good as it looks. It was hearty and did a great job of balancing all of the flavors. I absolutely devoured this bowl and could easily have had another.


The food at Life Alive was excellent and very fresh, the people working there were incredibly nice, and the closing of the doors seemed to be a one-time thing (4 new employees that day).

You could tell by the massive crowd that Life Alive has many, many fans. And for good reason.

I will definitely make a return visit when I am back in Boston.

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