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My Top 5 Picks at Juice Press in NYC

When you come to New York City and ask someone where to get pressed organic juice, there is an excellent chance that Juice Press will be mentioned. And for good reason.

What started out as a small, one-store operation in the East Village in 2010 has quickly exploded to 13 locations throughout NYC and the Hamptons. With many more stores to be opened over the next few years and $7M from investors such as Home Depot’s Ken Langone and billionaire hedge fund manager Stanley Druckenmiller, Founder Marcus Antebi has proven that he has what it takes to build a serious brand in the organic world.

One of the things that you’ll notice when you enter a Juice Press location is the enormous selection of both juices and food, which made choosing my five favorite picks all that more difficult. And believe me, there were plenty of items that I consume on a regular basis that did not make this list.


Quite simply, an avocado sandwich is not supposed to taste this good. Period. I have no idea what is in the secret sauce, but this sandwich blows me away every time I eat it.

Ingredients include sprouted grain bread, cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes, mixed mesclun greens, onions, secret sauce, and chipotle mayo.


When I first heard about Black Label, I had my doubts. However, those were immediately erased after my first sip. The person who came up with this innovative concoction deserves a medal.  It’s delicious and more filling than most smoothies.

Ingredients include coconut water, sprouted almonds, vanilla, coconut oil, and sea salt.


Even though Juice Press has come out with dozens of flavors over the years, Drink Your Salad has always been my favorite and remains so to this very day. It’s a very refreshing gazpacho-like juice with a real kick to it. I LOVE this one.

Ingredients include carrots, tomato puree, filtered water, beets, lemon, spinach, kale, parsley, sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne powder.


Filled with superfoods such as cacao and blueberries, this acai bowl is rich and seriously decadent, and has great texture. I prefer it as a dessert rather than breakfast.

Ingredients include raw acai berry, buckwheat, sunflower, walnuts, flax, almonds, coconut oil, dates, vanilla, cacao, and blueberry.


When it comes to eating, I don’t need anything complicated or fancy. Give me a good salad any day of the week, and I am more than happy. Yet, for some reason, finding a good organic salad to-go with avocado is much harder than it should be. That’s why I am a fan of the Power Trip. It is fresh, light, and satisfies my hunger.

Ingredients include green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce, avocado, purple cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes, sprouted almonds, dried cranberries, and bee pollen. Tumeric cleanse vinaigrette is made with olive oil, lemon, apple cider vinegar, tumeric, maple syrup, tahini, mustard seeds, cayenne, and sea salt.


Aside from all of great food and drink at Juice Press, the one other notable aspect of the store is how clean it is. I have had extensive conversations with Paul Baudier, who oversees operations for the company and is an ex-military person, and Juice Press is absolutely fanatical about cleanliness, something that I greatly appreciate in a food service business.

Definitely check out Juice Press next time you’re in New York, and let me know below what are your Top 5.

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