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The Book That Changed My Life

The Book That Changed My Life

In May of 2006 when I was still living in Miami, I was involved in a car accident — I got rear-ended at a red light and suffered whiplash. Luckily, the MRI showed that nothing was broken or fractured. After about three months of doing Network Spinal Analysis with my chiropractor, the pain was gone. […]

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In May of 2006 when I was still living in Miami, I was involved in a car accident — I got rear-ended at a red light and suffered whiplash. Luckily, the MRI showed that nothing was broken or fractured.

After about three months of doing Network Spinal Analysis with my chiropractor, the pain was gone. I had great range of motion and could move my neck to the left and right without any trouble.

Thinking I was fine and acting as if I were 18 years old again, I then proceeded to play two hours of very hard tennis in the blazing hot Miami summer. At the end of the match, I went to take a serve and knew right away that something was really wrong.

I felt an intense throbbing in my neck that I had never experienced before. Needless to say, the pain came back in a much, much stronger way.

Since that day, I have been consumed with trying to fix my neck and have spent every waking hour thinking about it. I have seen dozens of chiropractors, acupuncturists, cranial-massage therapists and energy healers. I would travel anywhere to see anyone that I think could help. Most of these individuals were very nice people and all of the work did help to some degree.

However, the pain did not completely go away and nothing was helping my serious problem of not being able to sleep.

Over the past five years, I would say that I have had about 10 good nights of sleep and averaged 3-4 hours of sleep per night. Each morning I would wake up feeling completely exhausted. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come because I knew that I could have the whole day to try to get some rest.

Since I am a very active person, I refused to give up exercise. I did yoga and limited activities in the gym, both of which exacerbated the problem. Tennis and running were totally out of the question.

About a months ago, I started talking to a woman named Emily (a fellow Brown alum as it turned out) in my local organic supermarket. Within minutes, the conversation turned to that of my neck. She immediately told me how she had been cured of similar physical issues by a local NYC doctor who studied under Dr. John Sarno.

Dr. John Sarno wrote a book called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection and has cured thousands of people who have suffered from neck, back, hip and other pain issues.

Desperate and willing to try absolutely anything, I bought the book the very next day and made an appointment with this same doctor that she had seen.

About 60 pages into the book, my neck pain was about 80% gone. I ended up going to see the doctor and he confirmed that there was nothing structurally or neurologically wrong with me.

About 3 weeks after first picking up the book, my neck pain was virtually gone.

After thousands of dollars of doctor visits and countless hours running to get some form of treatment, I am now pain-free, have been sleeping through the night and am planning on playing tennis next week.

If anyone you know is suffering from neck or back pain that just won’t go away, get this book. There are no exercises to do, no medicines to take and no therapists to see. All you have to do is read it and believe what is being said.

It saved the quality of my life.


  • Steve T says:

    I lived 35 years with unbearable back and neck pain – so real I could taste the pain.

    It is nearly impossible for me to believe all of these posts ………. except for one thing – THEY ARE ALL TRUE. After reading a few pages from Dr. Sarno’s book, my pain began to resolve almost immediately. After 6 weeks, I can do anything – such would have been unthinkable just a few months ago. My God – 35 years of unnecessary pain – probably half my life.

    What needs to be done on this is a clinical study to prove that this in fact is real. Such a study could be done – randomized trial with simple counseling vs. Dr. Sarno’s method. I have no doubt what the outcome would be.

  • Dr. John Sarno’s books “Healing Back Pain” and “The Mindbody Prescription” are by far the best on the market. He is a true hero and so humble. I have dealt with back pain clients on a daily basis for years. This is the book that helped so many of my patients to get rid of their chronic pain issues. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of money involved in this “cure”. You spend $10 for a book and you do not need all the very expensive treatments and surgeries anymore. I have a whole library of back pain books, Dr. Sarno’s books are THE BEST!!!!

  • Steve says:

    This is the article I wrote for Dr. Sarno. The most loved doctor in the world.

  • Steve says:

    Great article, Dr. Sarno is a national hero. Where can I email you? This link doesn’t work under “contact me.” There is a documentary being made on him now. Steve

    • Max Goldberg says:


      Yes, someone contacted me about the documentary. It is sure to be controversial. The “Contact” link is working for me. ????

  • Marleen says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  • Jessica B says:

    Correction to above post. So sorry I must have inadvertently hit “Post Comment ” when I was proof reading. I was trying to explain that the shots he was given never helped him, nor did the chiropractic visits. The only thing that saved him was Dr Sarno’s amazing book! So glad to see it has helped you too! Unbelievably, many people we know refuse to believe my husband was even diagnosed with a back problem. They cannot fathom the idea that a book can change someone’s so called medical condition. Well, anyone who is reading this needs to try. What is there to lose by reading this book? It will change your life! Thanks again for sharing your experience.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks so much for sharing your husband’s experience. This book is incredible but for people who see life from a very black and white perspective, they have a lot of trouble wrapping their arms around Sarno’s approach. I didn’t/don’t at all and that is why my neck pain disappeared.

      Again, thanks for your story.

      Live well,

  • Jessica B says:

    I am so happy to see a post regarding Dr Sarno’s book. This is the most amazing book I have ever read! My husband was diagnosed with crushed discs in his back, put on pain medicine and told he would not be able to continue his career as a technician. This was devastating news and we could not believe this was happening to him. A friend recommended this book and it changed my husband’s life completely. He was able to get off the pain medicine and he has NO back problems at all! This is someone that could barely stand or sleep because of back pain. He had minor surgery consisting of shots to aleviate pain which did hel. He saw a chiropractor as well. After reading the book he is completely pain free!

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