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A Fantastic Tasting Organic Dinner for Two for Under $15…Here’s How

The one criticism that I hear all of the time about organic is that it costs too much.

Yet, if you take the time to shop correctly and cook at home, organic can definitely be affordable.

Here is how the costs broke down to make this great tasting quinoa dinner, and every single ingredient was organic.


Before I cooked, I went to my local organic market and bought the following items.


Organic Cherry Tomoatoes: $4.19
Organic Spring Mix: $2.48
Organic Avocado: $1.49
Organic Walnuts: $1.36
Organic Quinoa:$1.32

Total Store Items – $10.84


I also used some ingredients that were already in my kitchen, and those costs need to be included as well.

For the items below, I took the price of the item and made a rough calculation of how much I used of each. The resulting number is the cost below.

Organic Sauerkraut: $1.57 (1/3rd of $6.29)
Organic Black Sesame Seeds $0.06 (1/50th of $3.19)
Organic Dulse Flakes: $0.12 (1/50th of $5.97)
Organic Pitted Kalamata Olives: $1.74 (1/4th of $6.99)

Total Home Items – $3.50

Total Store Items: $10.84
Total Home Items: $3.50

Total Cost of Dinner: $14.34

There is not a chance that I could have gone to any organic restaurant and gotten this meal for anything close to $15.

Aside from the price, the numerous ingredients were super-high in minerals, vitamins and nutrients, and the sauerkraut provided the beneficial bacteria that our bodies need.

Even better was how good this organic dinner tasted, and it only took about 15 minutes to prepare.


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