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Movie Review: In Defense of Food is Definitely Worth Seeing, Here’s Why

Just the other day, Michael Pollan, arguably the most well-known food writer in the country, debuted his new film In Defense of Food.

And when I asked a handful of other people if they had seen it, the immediate response I got was “I’ve read the book”, implying that there was no need to watch this movie.

While it is true that many, many of us have read the book, this film is definitely worth seeing. Here is why.

First off, Michael Pollan presents a lot of new information that is not in the book. Among many other things, he talks about the microbiome, something that I believe will be the most important area of health in the 21st century.

He also discusses the genius of mother’s milk and how difficult it is for humans to produce anything as good as what nature provides, and why the Hadza tribe in Tanzania, still hunters and gatherers, don’t develop the diseases as those who eat the Western diet.

Secondly, the movie, to me, is a reminder that everyone needs to develop their own philosophy of food, in regards to what they should be eating. Michael Pollan puts forth his own answer – Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much – and explains why and how he came to this conclusion.

Lastly, while nearly all other food documentaries tend to be heavy and depressing, In Defense of Food is not. Even while talking about subjects such as obesity and the dangers of sugar, the film somehow manages to never take the viewers down a hole of darkness. Maybe it is Michael Pollan’s comforting voice, his extremely likeable personality or the way the film is written, but I did not feel angry or upset once it was over. In fact, the movie had the opposite effect.

Overall, I really enjoyed “In Defense of Food” and even if you have read the book, this film is worth your time.

To watch the full movie, click HERE.

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