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Switch – The Phenomenal Book That Will Help You Make Change in Your Life

Recently, I was having dinner with my good friend Lora Krulak, and she told me about a book that she was reading called Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard.

It took only a few moments for her to describe it before I said to her “Ok, I’m sold. I am definitely getting it.”

Given that I love to read and am always looking for ways to improve, I bought it the next day and immediately dove in.

Just 60 pages into it, I sent Lora a text saying “This book is AMAZING!!!! I notice huge changes already!”

It was true. I felt a massive shift right away and noticed that life had become very different – much better, easier and lighter.


Everyone wants to make change in their personal and professional lives but actually making the change is the hard part. So, why is it so difficult?

Because our rational and emotional systems in our brains are not in alignment.

And when there is a conflict between these two parts of our brain (i.e., I know I should exercise but I’d much rather sit on the couch), change doesn’t take place.

Explaining how the rational and emotional systems become aligned and providing a proven methodology to accomplish this is what Switch sets out to do.

In laying out their 3-step process, the authors give many inspiring examples of everyday people around the world who have made huge changes with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and no financial resources whatsoever.

When you address all three tenets of the methodology, the “switch” happens and change occurs.

If change doesn’t happen, the methodology will also help explain why this is the case – one, two or three of the tenets are not being met.

Aside from the very effective 3-step process that is put forth, the authors do a fantastic job of presenting the narrative in a very intelligent yet enjoyable manner.

It isn’t hard to decipher that the Heath brothers are two incredibly intelligent individuals, which only lends more credibility to Switch.

Chip is a professor at Stanford Business School and Dan is a senior fellow at a Duke University think tank, and they also have a previous best-selling book to their credit called Made to Stick.


The beauty of this methodology lies in its simplicity and that it can be used in both your personal and professional life.

Furthermore, you don’t need to be a CEO or a high-level executive at a company to put this to work. The book gives numerous examples of people who were mid and low-level employees but were able to make massive changes in an organization because they embraced the three core principles spelled out in Switch.


I read a lot of books that I get excited about but Switch is definitely one of the best ones that I have come across in a long, long time.

The methodology is something that I incorporate into my life on a daily basis, and it has greatly helped me make important changes so that I can accomplish my goals.

If you are looking to make some long-lasting changes in either your personal or professional life, I cannot recommend Switch highly enough and many others seem to share a similar sentiment.

It debuted #1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists.

Quite simply, this book is outstanding.

To purchase Switch, click HERE.

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