Recap of Green Festival NYC This Past Weekend

This past weekend I attended the Green Festival NYC held at the Jacob Javits Center. It was the first time that this event had been held, and I was impressed with what I saw.

Aside from the numerous speakers, I discovered many companies involved with recycling – recycled clothes, recycled bags, recycled wallets – water purifiers, organic soaps and beauty products, and a wide variety of other holistic products and services.

In terms of organic food, here were a few of the highlights:


Boku Bar has been on my radar screen for a while now, and I finally got to meet the owners, Lynn and Reno Rollé. The chocolate fudge brownie bar is hands down one of the best bars on the market. Period.

Boku Superfoods has several other amazing products that I’ll be profiling soon. This company is definitely one to keep an eye on.


When you cover the organic industry, you come across A TON of alternative sweeteners. And Lil’ Shuga is a formulation that I have never seen before. Lil’ Shuga is part cane sugar and part Stevia.

Since this combination is twice as sweet as sugar, you only need to use half of the amount for the same desired sweetness. Very innovative.


Founded by two fellow Brown University students, Runa is one of the most interesting teas on the market. While the company had only sold its products in loose bags, it now offers its guayusa tea by the bottle – mint was my favorite flavor.

If you’re a tea fan and have never had Runa’s guayusa before, definitely give it a try.


I’m pictured here with my good friend Larry Plesent, founder of Vermont Soap Organics.

The fruit and vegetable wash by Vermont Soap Organics is the only one I use and recommend. If you’re still washing your fruit and vegetables with water alone, it is not enough. Watch my interview with Larry to learn why.

Many more pictures from Green Festival NYC can be found on my Facebook page.

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  • Michal says:

    I have Adobe Reader X, but I just checked for updates and there are none. I am using the Chrome browser and other videos I try to view work fine. This is the only one I have had problems with. Maybe there is another issue. Does it not work in Chrome?

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Michal,

      It works in Chrome for me. I am not a technical person, so I am the wrong one to ask, but all I know is that the video works on my end.

      Hopefully, you can get it squared away!

      Live well,

  • Michal says:

    I tried to click on the link to watch the interview with Larry, but nothing there had an interview. Just an empty box and an article below it.

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