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Win a $15,000 Kitchen Makeover from Stonyfield

As part of its year-long “Know Your Food” campaign, Stonyfield has launched The Great Food Find, an interactive online scavenger hunt that takes food lovers on a journey to find organic foods around the web.

For each action that a person takes on The Great Food Find (capped at 50 actions – an action would be answering questions, finding a product and adding it to the virtual tote bag, Tweeting something, Liking something on Facebook, etc), he or she will be added to the drawing to win a $15,000 kitchen makeover.

Also, the first 50,000 people who finish the entire online scavenger hunt, which ends May 21st, will receive coupons from Stonyfield and partner companies such as Annie’s Homegrown, Nature’s Path, Sambazon, Woodstock Farms, Organic Valley, Applegate Farms, Honest Tea and more.

“The aisles of the grocery store can be a confusing place with all of the different food products available and all of the misleading labels out there,” says Stonyfield Chairman Gary Hirshberg. “It’s clear that we’re in a time when people want to know as much as they can about their food, from who grew the ingredients to how it was produced. The interactive Great Food Find is a fun way to invite people to learn what’s really in the things we eat, and how all of this impacts our bodies, our communities and our planet.”


Stonyfield’s Gary Hirshberg is a leading figure in the movement to get genetically-modified food labeled in the U.S. and has written a must-read e-book called LABEL IT NOW.

LABEL IT NOW is succinct, a very quick read, and gives you all of the information you need to know about why GMOs must be labeled and the serious health risks that they pose.

If you’re not 100% sure what GMOs are, why we need to be avoiding them, and why they must be labeled, I strongly urge you to buy this $3 book.

To see my review of LABEL IT NOW and to learn where to purchase it, click here.

A message from Tradin Organic

How Tradin Organic is Helping Coconut Farmers in The Philippines

For more than a decade, Tradin Organic has been working with local partners in The Philippines to bring a diversified range of organic products to the market, such as coconut oil, tropical fruits and even cocoa.

The company is helping to support local farmers by assisting them with technical support and organic certification, in addition to paying Fairtrade premium on top of the organic premium.

Learn more.

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