Talking About GMOs with Carol Alt on the Fox News Channel

Yesterday on the Fox News Channel, I was on A Healthy You and Carol Alt talking about genetically-modified food.

Carol Alt, a supermodel who has been on over 700 magazine covers and is an author of several raw food books, hosts an amazing show dedicated to health. Much to my surprise, it seems that Fox has given her absolute free rein in terms of content for her show.

Not only has she advocated for raw milk and talked about the dangers of vaccines on her program, but she enthusiastically agreed to discuss GMOs.

And for a major television network to allow the topic of GMO-labeling to be discussed is simply amazing.

Please thank Fox for allowing Carol to talk about such important topics, such as GMO-labeling. The more positive feedback that we can give to the network, the longer that Carol’s phenomenal show will be on the air.

Here’s how you can thank Fox and express your support for the show:




Carol’s Personal Twitter:

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