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Dr. Drip Coffee – The Most Innovative Organic Product I’ve Seen This Year

Sometimes you hear about new products and you just know that they’re going to be interesting.

Well, it took me about 10 seconds to realize that Dr. Drip Coffee was going to be one of those.


By itself, organic coffee is not unusual in the least. There are all types of brands, blends, roasts, classifications (Fair Trade, shade grown, etc.) and the list goes on and on.

Yet, Dr. Drip Coffee is different than anything that I have ever seen.

It is solving a real problem for people who want high quality, organic coffee and don’t have the time or energy to seek it out.

Dr. Drip Coffee is a single serving brewing system that comes in a plastic pouch. You open the top of the filter and fold the corners around the cup so it holds.

Then, you slowly pour hot water into the filter, which holds the ground organic beans, and watch the coffee drip into the cup. It takes about a minute or two to have a fresh, hot cup of organic coffee.


I have a few reactions to Dr. Drip Coffee, both very positive.

1) Made from 100% Arabica organic beans, Dr. Drip Coffee had a rich taste, deep texture and earthy overtones. When I first opened the pouch, I was blown away by the fresh and pungent aroma.

As far as instant coffee goes, it was outstanding.

2) The innovation of Dr. Drip Coffee was really awesome. If a person is traveling on the road or doesn’t have time to make a pot of organic coffee in the morning, the convenience cannot be beat.

It delivers a great cup of organic coffee with no machinery and no grinding of beans in just a few short minutes.

While I am not sure that hard-core organic coffee drinkers are going to toss out their espresso machines or forgo getting coffee at their local coffee shop, Dr. Drip Coffee has clearly created a niche for itself, particularly among travelers whose organic coffee options may be few and far between.

I can definitely see organic coffee drinkers bringing along a few boxes of Dr. Drip Coffee whenever they go on a trip.

Overall, Dr. Drip Coffee coffee is a real winner. I am very impressed.


A Dr. Drip Coffee box of 5 single cup organic drip packs costs $8.99 and can be purchased on the company’s website.

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